oneButton for Volkswagen Sedric

"Getting from A to B at a click of a single button." This describes the new vision of the Volkswagen Group for the future of full autonomous mobility. Based on a human-centered research with the UX-Team of the Volkswagen Future Center Europe, we designed a simple calldevice for autonomous cars. As a small device attached to the keys in your pocked, the oneButton allows to call the nearest Sedric selfdriving vehicle at any time and any place – just with a single push of a button.


Video: Volkswagen Group Media Night – Genfer Automobil-Salon​

It is the key to a completely new mobility experience. This is because a single touch of the button guarantees mobility for everyone, at any time, and at any location. The control element is made up of a button to press and a ring which indicates Sedric's arrival time with colored signals and a vibration signal that guides a person with impaired vision to the car.



This concept has been developed as a part of the future concept "Sedric" of the Volkswagen Group in the Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe. More details about the Sedric concept seen here: