oneButton for Volkswagen Sedric

"Getting from A to B at a click of a single button." This describes the new vision of the Volkswagen Group for the future of full autonomous mobility. Based on a human-centered research with the UX-Team of the Volkswagen Future Center Europe, we designed a simple calldevice for autonomous cars. As a small device attached to the keys in your pocked, the oneButton allows to call the nearest Sedric selfdriving vehicle at any time and any place – just with a single push of a button.


Video: Volkswagen Group Media Night – Genfer Automobil-Salon​

It is the key to a completely new mobility experience. This is because a single touch of the button guarantees mobility for everyone, at any time, and at any location. The control element is made up of a button to press and a ring which indicates Sedric's arrival time with colored signals and a vibration signal that guides a person with impaired vision to the car.



This concept has been developed for the future concept "Sedric" of the Volkswagen Group in the Volkswagen Future Center Europe. More details about the Sedric concept seen here: