Augmented Reality Book

This concept of a classbook visualizes different parts of the coalmining process. Beginning from the combustion of coal until the global trade, the whole topic is summarised in 14 pages.

With this book, "augmented reality" is used as a tool for an easy way to locate a 3D-Model in a schoolbook. The user or pupil can easily thumb through the book and the specific 3D-Model appears directly, when the webcam recognizes the printed pattern on the page.

Different animations or easy understanding exercises can be retrieved by turning over the book pages. Therefore the computer and the classic schoolbook can be used as a great tool for children in all grades, beginning in primary schools until college education.

HfG // 3rd Sem // June 2010
Academic: Prof. Günther Biste
Software: Illustrator, Flash (ActionScript 3), FlexFlartoolKit

Weave-Magazine 4/10: "Erweitertes Lernerlebnis"