Creative Writing Workshop

Design and writing? At first glance these disciplines do not seem to share many common. The practice proves the opposite: In our daily life as designers there are a variety of situations in which writing as a core competence is indispensable. Starting from the correspondence with customers through E-Mail over the correct protocoll of design decisions to the final documentation of design projects, the correct writing is a fundamental part of our work. In this workshop the students learned basic writing by practicing different texting tools and creating short bios about their favorite designers.


FH Potsdam // September 2014
Partner: Prof. Constanze Langer, Juliane Stutz
Topics: Protocolling, Typo-Basics, E-Mail correspondances, texting for documentary purposes, preparing user-interviews


Starting with basic grammatical knowlegde, the students practiced different writing tools, such as texting for your online-portfolio or creating complex protocols. As the main excercise each student had to choose a favorite designer and write a short bio about him. Starting from David Carson, over Charles and Ray Eames until young talents like Jessica Walsh, the students created a bunch of creative written biographies. In plus, basic knowledge about presenting textual content has been shown.